About Missouri Connections

Missouri Connections is a comprehensive, online, career development and planning program that is provided free of charge to all Missouri citizens. Funded by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, this program supports the career development efforts of schools, community organizations, and adult job seeker programs. Missouri Connections helps individuals learn about their talents, skills, and interests and makes the connection between planning for continued education and the work world.

Missouri Connections is produced by intoCareers, an outreach center at the University of Oregon College of Education. First introduced in Oregon in 1971, the Career Information System, CIS, is used by many states around the country as their official statewide career information delivery system. This non-profit consortium of states that use CIS, known as the CIS Network, serves millions of people annually.

Missouri Connections promotes lifelong learning and includes assessment, career and college planning and financial aid resources. It is appropriate for middle schools, high schools, post-secondary institutions, as well as for agencies serving adult populations, such as employment offices, vocational rehabilitation programs and correctional facilities.

Data in Missouri Connections is updated and enhanced year-round. Explore career and education options by clicking “I want to Explore Careers” on the login page.

Missouri Connections is supported as the state’s recommended online career development and planning program by the following agencies:

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)

DESE is the administrative arm of the State Board of Education. Through its statewide school-improvement activities and regulatory functions, the Department strives to assure that all citizens have access to high-quality public education.

Department of Economic Development (DED)

DED works to create an environment that encourages economic growth by supporting Missouri’s businesses and diverse industries, strengthening our communities, developing a talented and skilled workforce, and maintaining a high quality of life.

  • MERIC: A division of DED, MERIC provides innovative analyses and assistance to policymakers and the public, including studies of the state’s economic trends, targeted industries, and labor markets.
  • Division of Workforce Development: A division of DED, the Division of Workforce Development strives to enhance Missouri’s economy by helping job seekers find gainful employment with family sustaining wages and provide businesses with a skilled, trained workforce to successfully compete in the global economy.

Department of Higher Education (DHE)

DHE strives to coordinate higher education policy that fosters a quality postsecondary system, as well as to increase participation in Missouri 's postsecondary institutions. The state system of higher education serves more than 410,000 students through 13 public four-year universities, 13 public two-year colleges, one public two-year technical college, 24 independent colleges and universities and more than 150 proprietary, specialized, and theological schools.

Department of Social Services (DSS)

DSS is responsible for coordinating programs to provide public assistance to children and their parents, access to health care, child support enforcement assistance and to provide specialized assistance to troubled youth. While many programs give needed financial assistance and services, other units work toward reducing financial dependency of the citizens on government.